28. joulukuuta 2019

Backyard birding 28.12.2019

When you spend time with your kids it is always better if you go outside and let them run in a park etc. Today we had nice little it over an hour at the local park and sun was shining. Loads of birds around eating rowan berries and I counted at least 40 Fieldfares and around ten Waxwings in small area.
At the park I had a bit luck when I looked a small flock of Jackdaws I noticed a large raptor behind the flock. I always carry my binoculars and damn, it was far and high, but it was a Golden Eagle! One of those species which always gives you the chills. Eagle was just sliding towards Northeast and soon I lost it in blue sky. I think the age was either 1cy or 2cy bird cause the large white under wing patches. From that distance you can´t obviously be sure..

One of many Fieldfares. 

Bohemian Waxwings resting before next meal.

It seems that I might have time to go out and look for some new birds for this year next Monday, but let´s see. This nice sunny weather is gone tomorrow and I bet we have more rain after that.


26. joulukuuta 2019

End of the year. 2019

Hello folks and happy holidays.
During the December I have not done much of bird related activity.. I started at new job early November and it still takes muck of my time. I hope that will turn easier next year. Of course when you work all the daylight hours, that does not help you either. We have very short days now and "light" is mostly cloudy grey colors.

If I sum the December birding there is only one dipped Pine Grosbeak with my kids and then one lucky day when a flock of three Pine Grosbeaks migrated over our house. I was out with my children and Julius was even in the stroller when I noticed the birds, so stroller tick for me too!
Christmas came and Vilma has been sick, so we had to cancel few things, but the joy when she got the presents etc. That was great. Also Julius has enjoyed the Christmas time, but clearly he does not understand all the presents. To much stuff at the same time.

Partially leucistic male Domestic Sparrow from my back yard.This bird has been here the whole year.  

Overall the year 2019 has been great for me.
I got five new lifers in Finland. Red-headed Bunting, Pacific Golden Plover, Eurasian Roller, Cattle Egret and Great-northern Diver.
Crete trip at June gave me the Lammergeier and January trip to Fuerteventura was really success. From there I got Allen´s Gallinule, Dwarf Bittern, Houbara Bustard, Canary Island Chat and Lesser Scaup.

For the year 2020 I have some goals.

- More birding than 2019
- Do a trip to somewhere where I can have more than one WP-lifer with my family.
- 340 lifers in Finland. (Now 337)
- More than one trip to Estonia for birding.
- Spend more time with you uncle.

Maybe better not plan too much goals, cause there is always possibility that I have to cancel everything :)

I wish all the best for the year 2020 to all my friends and you readers. I still have passion to write here and I really enjoy this. Hope you like it.

Now I just have to wait the migrating birds and hope there is some nice local wintering stuff in Helsinki.

Happy new year!