8. toukokuuta 2021

Birds of the week 7.5.2021

 Not much to tell again.. Working on weekdays and having family time on weekends. I was able to see this beautiful Firecrest in Haaga, Helsinki last Sunday (2nd of May). Bid has been there since late April found by Ahti Ihonen and lots of people have sen it during this time. This is one of those species which is expanding its range towards Finland and more and more birds are found every year. I guess it is already scarce breeder in Estonia. 

Record shot of the Firecrest.

During my day at work I was visiting Kumpula, Helsinki on 6th of May and I was found Wryneck and Pied Flycatcher from there! Very nice summer birds! 

Few pictures of Fieldfare from my balcony. Evening light made it look awesome.

Warm evening light.

Cold evening light.

Today (7th) morning was a real nightmare... I was working already and got call from Sanni that our son Julius had massive epileptic seizure and paramedics were on their way to our home. I arrived to the place just to see how paramedic carried my unconscious 2 year old boy to the ambulance.. It was maybe the worst feeling I´ve ever had during my 34 years of life. Never been so out of my mind. I went back to work just put back my gear and headed back home with my daughter Vilma. During the day I spend time with my son at the hospital and he is better now. That was scary. 

Sanni spent this night there with Julius, so I had evening with Vilma. I had to get something else to my mind so I planned a visit to Vanhankaupunginlahti for us and trick was that we had nice snacks with us. Vilma is not really interested about birds and she is more like dancing, singing kind of girl, but when you have good plan even she could join you a place like that. Later a movie and popcorn. 

We walked to the Lammassaari and back and we had nice set of new bird for me this year. From first place I can mention Barn Swallow and Slavonian Grebe. From the wood path to the Lammassaari I had two Bearded Reedlings, more Swallows and a Willow Warbler.

Distant Slavonian Grebe. 

View from Pornaistenniemi bird tower.

From Lammassaari tower we had Little ringed Plover, loads of Smews, Common Terns, Common Sandpipers, lone Green Sandpiper, Northern Showelers, lone Northern Wheatear and much else. I was hoping more waders, but an´t be lucky every time... (Just like I would ever be). 

Here i few pictures from the trip. God times and the most important thing, Vilma had good time.

Small flock of Barnacle Geese.

Male Little ringed Plover.

I guess this was great ending for a day like this. Vilma was very worried about Julius and she got something else to think about during the visit in Lammassaari. 

Have kids, it´s fun they said. 


2. toukokuuta 2021

Ring Ouzel From Viikki 1.5.2021

 Today I was spending time with my kids at home and because both of them are little bit sick we were staying inside. I went to corona-test with Julius two days ago and we got negative test result. Sanni was working and during the day I followed the alarms of the rare birds from my phone. Later afternoon I got message of Rin Ouzel from Viikki, the area where I used to live like moth ago. Sanni came back home and I left to twitch this beautiful northern species. 

I was lucky when I came to the site case there was a couple who showed the bird for me. I had only binoculars and camera with me, so I was really pleased that those people showed the bird for me with their telescope. I took some photos, but bird was staying in distance, until it took off and landed on a tree about 100m from the original place. 

Here are my records shots of the bird. 

Ring Ouzel. Female of 2cy male.

There is goes.


New home and balcony ticks. April.

 So we moved back to Maunula, like I mentioned in my last post. Now writing these after month, I have limited memory of my doings during that time. on 11th of April I twitched King Eider from Jollas, Helsinki with stroller and Julius. It was my species number 260 with stroller and I´m quite proud of the number I have there. It has took a lot of my time and we have great memories with my kids. Really worth every minute! 

King Eider male from Jollas.

After we moved I really concentrate my birding to my balcony. Some birds worth to mention were two Pink-footed Geese from 31st of March, Hawfinch from same day, Waxwing from 13th of March, Rough-legged Buzzard 25th of April and Short-eared Owl from 29th of April.

Here is some photos from 1st of April to end of April.

Coal Tit from Maunula.

Mixed flock of Bean- and Great white-fronted Geese.

Two of many Common Cranes I have seen from my balcony.

Woodpigeon from Maunula.

Fieldfare from Maunula

Hoopoe From Haltiala, Helsinki.

Awesome looking halo effect. Also view from my balcony. 

Halo effect.

Julius watching something. 

Recently I have used my spare time at the gym. I´m applying to Police university college this fall so lots of training and reading fro that. Let´s see how it goes. I will update that here too. 


1. toukokuuta 2021

Spring birds and sunshine. 3.3.2021

Finally I have energy to write here.. It is already May and my last post is from February. Let´s see what has happened since that. 

First signs of spring are one of those things you wait so long and when it finally comes it feels so great! Lots of sunshine and already some migrating birds around Helsinki area. Last weekend, which was still February I tried to twitch a local Common Kingfisher from Espoo, but no luck with that. Only consolation Reed Bunting near the place. Weather was amazing, so it was nice to walk around the area even without seeing the main target.

On 2nd of March I had change to witch Great-white Egret from Viikki after my day at work. I cycled to the spot and bird was fishing in small ditch. I was lucky, cause I had no binoculars of telescope with me when one younger birder let me watch the bird with his telescope, so thanks a lot! I had my camera in my back bag, so here is a very poor record shot of the bird. 

Great-white Egret in small ditch. 

Also Stock Dove and Skylark in the area, so it really felt like spring! 

Cold period continued about week or two, can´t remember anymore. Anyway moved back to Maunula, which is small suburbs in Helsinki. We use to live there before Vilma was born and it felt god to be back. More in my next post.