14. syyskuuta 2015

Weekend at work. 13.9.2015

So, I spend last weekend at work and because we had slow days, I had time to look around. Not much birds this time, one Lapland Bunting though! Some movement with Barnacle Geese, but those are only local birds flying around. One Chiffchaff had really active weekend and it sang all day long. Yes, unfortunately it was the common one, not one of those eastern "tristis" race guys.
Because there was not enough birds, I spend times with insects. Peacock Butterflies, Common Brimstones, Painted Lady and Red Admiral represents the butterfly section.

Common Brimstone.

Peacock Butterfly.

Beautiful stuff!

Later I noticed also some Dragonflies. First three were only Vagrant Darters, but then I noticed some larger individual. I tried to relocate it many times, but no luck. During the search I found other species of Darter, and this time it was female Black Darter. (Correct me if I´m wrong)
Later Sunday afternoon I finally found the larger guy and it turned out to be female Migrant Hawker!

Black Darter female.

Migrant Hawker female.

This smart looking dragonfly was new for me in Finland and I was happy! Later I realized that the other large dragonfly I found first was way bigger than this, so there was at least two species of Hawkers around.
Later evening after work I picked up Sanni from home, we drove to Espoo and successfully twitched Richard´s Pipit from Lommila. Nice ending for good day!


8. syyskuuta 2015

Corn Bunting 6.9.2015

Not much to tell, but wanted to write about my yesterday's twitch.
Long time I have waited Corn Bunting coming near the Helsinki and yesterday it finally came to Hyvinkää which is only 45km away. We had already plans to go to Vääksy with my wife Sanni so I just told her that bunting is quite close to our route and she was fine with that.
Luckily the bird was found quick and we continued towards Vääksy. I got one decent photo of the bird through the telescope.

Corn Bunting.

My first record in Finland and bow my finnish list is 312. Let's hope there is more coming later this year.


5. syyskuuta 2015

Autumn birding and Pallid Harrier 4.9.2015

Last day of August i spend with Tyron in Vanhankaupunginlahti and Lammassaari. Loads of Barnacle Geese (4150) and Lapwings (560) around the bay, with lone Curlew Sandpiper, Ruffs, Ringed Plovers and Common Snipes. Also some raptor migration, and we counted 3 Common Buzzards, 17 Sparrow Hawks and 3 Ospreys. Bird of the day was Great Snipe which left from the meadow with five Common Snipes! Unfortunately i noticed bird little bit too late and Tyron missed the bird... I hope I can find another one for him in the future.

Also Marsh Harriers that day. 

Next bird related activity was few days later when i agreed an afternoon trip to Haltiala with my uncle Jan. Our target was Pallid Harrier and we were eager to find one!
Haltiala was empty.. Only few Sparrow Hawks and little flock of Common Swifts.
I don´t know how long we stayed there, but i noticed alarm of Pallid Harrier in Viikki and we decided to go there and twitch it.
After some driving and little walking we arrived to Viikki fields. Huge group of people was waiting the Harrier and we met our friend Tomi Muukkonen there. Tomi showed some awesome pictures what he was taken only 20 minutes earlier!
We did not have to wait long after i spotted the Harrier flyin very low but quite far away. Too far for my 300mm lens, but i took some record shots.

Pallid Harrier.

These guys must got some nice shots of the bird.

Soon bird disappeared again and i was already thinking to go back home, when i noticed the bird again, this time flying quite high. Fortunately this time bird came closer and lower so i got some decent pics of it. I had some troubles with my camera and most of the pics were rubbish.. Sadly, because this was great opportunity to get some really good stuff.

Pallid Harrier. 

Pallid Harrier. 

Bird was juvenile (1cy) male and only my third record ever in Finland. I have been lazy with this species.
Maybe more trying for the better pics tomorrow.