12. heinäkuuta 2016

Laajalahti with stroller. 12.7.2016

Day off in a middle of the week and tired wife who wants to continue her sleep. That sounds like my morning! With my daughter Vilma we went to Laajalahti, which is maybe the best place for nirds in whole Espoo, especially for shore birds!
Sun was shining and wind was quite strong when we arrive to the Villa Elfvik tower. I was hoping that Vilma would sleep a bit and that way I would have time to check the whole area without interference. My plan almost went well. Vilma did not sleep at all and I had to keep her a company, but with all that I was able to see some nice species.
Best bird was definitely Little Tern, which was first seen from Maari tower, other side of the bay and after alarm I saw it from Elfvik tower flying above the maari meadow.
I was happy, because this was my first Little Tern this year and very good stroller tick! Shame the bird did not came my side of the bay. Other goodies for the day were few Dunlins, Caspian Terns and Osprey.
After all I spend only an hour there and two good stroller ticks. Can´t complain. Thanks for the Little Tern guys from Maari tower.

Laajalahti, Espoo.

Crappy photo of Osprey with prey trough my telescope.

Next weekend maybe more birding.



8. heinäkuuta 2016

Summer twitch in Rauma, SW Finland 6.7.2016

4th of July which is also knows as independence day of the United States of America, Kalle Haapala found second Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin for Finland.
I was working when this amazing bird was found, but two days later I finally had time to go.
Because I´m a family man and I count stroller ticks, I decided to take my family with me to this beautiful island called Kylmäpihjala. First thing in the morning we had to take Vilma to the doctor, but after that we started our journey towards Rauma.
We made a stop in Salo to twitch European Stonechat, but no luck with that bird... Are was big, wind was hard and only one guy searching with us, so we left quite quickly.
Stonechat stop was actually so long, that we had to drive straight to the Poroholma where we took the ferry to the island. Only few birders in the ferry, but I knew that my friend Olavi Kemppainen was still in the island.

Me and Vilma in the ferry. Happy baby! 

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse and cafeteria. 

After 50 minutes we arrived to the Kylmäpihlaja and lots of birders left with the same ferry back to the mainland.
With few people we managed to find the bird quickly and after I was sure I saw the right bird, we went to eat amazing fish soup in the lighthouse restaurant. In the restaurant we met Olavi and little later we were searching the bird together. Bird was moving in the bushes and it was hiding very effectively. I managed to gwt only one set of photos in few hours we were in the island.

Scrub Robin bushes.

First it looked like this. 

Then it turned and looked like that.

In four hours I saw the bird maybe five times and almost every time in flight. While the bird was hiding I had time to check other birds around the island. I had one Ruddy Turnstone, few Arctic Skuas, some Razorbills, Rock Pipit and Black Guillemots. All these I got to my stroller list! ALso around 50 Sand Martins in the island.

Kylmäpihlaja was great experience. Place looks very good to found rarities and I guess somebody should try it in October. Beautiful archipelago and nature makes this place really worth to visit. Restaurant staff was courteous and food was good, like I mention earlier.
Scrub Robin was my Finnish tick number 321 and stroller tick 165.
Thank you Olavi, and my lovely family Sanni and Vilma for the company. You guys made my day.