25. heinäkuuta 2018

Saarenmaa, Estonia 16.7-19.7.2018

My vacation ended when July started, but because I have long periods of work I can have few days off once in a while. This time we had plans to go to Estonia with my friend Antti and hes girlfriend Johanna, with her daughter Enisa.
We started from Katajanokka harbor and arrived to Tallin after midday. From Tallin to Virtsu, where the ferry goes is around to hour drive. Because roads are in good condition it is easy drive and from the car I had few birds too. Some White Storks of course, but also some Common Buzzards, distant Eagle which I think was Lesser-spotted.
From Virtsu it takes only 25 minutes with ferry and you are in Saarenmaa. Our house was only 10 minute drive from harbor.
We spend amazing three days there and we drove around the island visiting places like Kuressaare, Orissaare, Mandjala beach and some others. Two full days lying on the beach was fun for the kids and why not for the adults too.
Saarenmaa was full of butterflies and dragonflies. From the car I had great variety of species like Swallowtail, Purple Emperor, Moorland clouded yeallow, Lesser purple Emperor, New forest Burnet and one real diamond for a Finn. Zygaena minos burnet is real rarity in Finland with two records from 1980s. In saarenmaa it is local but not really rare. For me it was new species of course.
From Dragonfly family I had at least Moorland Hawker, Blue Hawker, Baltic Hawker and Brown Hawker. Also some smaller species, but all were flying high and impossible to identify.

Here is some photos from the trip.

Large White.

Lesser Purple Emperor.

Small chocolate-tip.

Zygaena Minos.

Zygaena Minos.

Large Wall Brown.

New forest Burnet.

New forest Burnet.

Common Brimstone.

What can you say? Kuressaare.

Our Grill and view.

Kuressaare castle. 

Lots of great memories and good company. During the drive back to Tallin we stopped in Haapsalu and I had one Great white Egret and some buzzards flying around. We were back home on 19th evening.
Thanks for the company Antti, Johanna Enisa and of course my own family. Great times.


Second summerhouse trip. 26.6-28.6 and later till 1.7.2018

After coming back from Loviisa we stayed only one day at home and then my mother lured us to her summerhouse in Hartola. It was easy decision, and we arrived there in afternoon after some grocery shopping etc.  
For three days we did almost same things every day. Great BBQ food, I was looking for butterflies and Dragonflies and we visited the Hartola town. Vilma had so much fun and our newbie boy just slept when ever he could. FIFA World cup was also interesting and we watched all the games we can. Here is quite large set of pictures from Hartola. 

Silver-Studded Blue couple.

Lone, older Silver-Studded Blue.

Black-throated Diver in our small lake.

Scarce Copper Male.

Small pearl-boldered Fritillary couple. 

Holly Blue male. Our National butterfly.

Distant Black Woodpecker.

Male Whinchat.

Black-veined White.

Large Skipper.

Four-spotted Chaser. 

Timberman Beetle.

Lettuce Shark (cucullia lactucae) caterpillar. 

Same individual. 

Common Spreadwing female. 

Large Wall Brown.

Black Darter female. 

Downy Emerald female. 

Rannoch Looper. 

Sanni and kids actually stayed in summerhouse while I had few days at work and I came back for another night later. Thank god my mother was there to help Sanni with two kids. So big thank you goes to that way!


14. heinäkuuta 2018

Midsummer in summerhouse 22.6-24.6.2018

Finally some time to make all the photos and write this short post of our midsummer trip to Loviisa. I have a summer house there from my father side and at least once a year we visit there. Place is beautiful near the ocean and I have seen lots of Dragonflies, Butterflies etc there.

In three days we had amazing food, lots of good times with my father, youngest brother Matias and Sari, my fathers wife. I had few butterfly traps, but those were mo success with wasps and bumblebees! One few Red Admirals and some moths around those. Here is some pictures from that weekend. Weather was windy all weekend, so insect activity was quite low..

Mottled Beauty.

Red Admiral on my butterfly bar. 

Great Oak Beauty

Polypogon Tentacularia.

Some birds too! Here is juvenile Tree Creeper. 

Trichius Fasciatus and Ancistroserus sp. wasp.

Clouded Magpie moth.

Black-tailed Skimmer.

Silver-ground Carpet.

Chimney Sweeper.

Common Bluet.

Shaded Broad-bar.

Normally I´m a birdwatcher, but this time of the year when most of the migration is already stopped and birds are breeding, I just watch what I can. Dragonflies and Butterflies are very interesting groups and there is so much to learn.