30. elokuuta 2015

Dotterels! 30.8.2015

I had my mothers car today and very often when i have it, it is a good reason to go our for birding. 
I was just leaving our apartment when i noticed alarm of two Dotterels in Vantaa. I jumped in to the car and after 25min driving i arrived to Pitkäsuo landfill. The place was closed because of weekend, but there was a way to get inside the fences. I met Sami at the "parking lot" and together we walked the slope towards the top. 
Soon we noticed two guys standing quite near and the birds were actually walking about 3m from the guys! Funny looking situation when Mika took photographs of the birds with hes mobile phone! I knew that this species can be very tame but still it looked very odd. 
I started to take photos of the birds but i was not so lucky with the birds and they moved all the time. 

Both birds in same picture. 

Dotterel is very good looking bird, i think.

And another one.

I spend about an hour watching these special waders, which are really rare here in Helsinki metropolitan area. Only my second record. 
As you can see, both birds are juveniles, so born this summer. During the visit i also heard Grey-headed Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker and saw one Sand Martin. 
Nice morning in nice company. 

Tomorrow I will meet Tyron at the Viikki, so lets hope some good birds and nice weather.


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