24. toukokuuta 2017

Recent biding in Helsinki area.

I have been working very much lately and for example last week I had six shifts and one day off.

On 15th of My a Lesser Yeallowlegs was found from Lohja, just an hour from Helsinki. I took Vilma and together we went to see the bird. We arrived to the place about 1,5 hours after the last update which said that the bird is still there. A long walk from the car and we arrived to the place. Vilma sat on a ground and I asked where i the bird. Firs people just mumbled something about the bird and then somebody said that it is gone.. Great! I started to look the place and birds but mostly there was Wood Sandpipers, some Ringed Plovers, Temmink´s Stints, Spotted Redshanks, Greenshanks etc..
I was really disappointed.. Only sixth record for Finland. Thank god I have seen one in Lempäälä back in 2008. On our way back home I saw a Cuckoo from the car. It was only new tick for the year that day.

Lesser Yellowlegs place.

On 17th I was coming back from work with my bicycle and in Malmi I noticed a familiar call. A Red-breasted Flycatcher was calling near the road. Always nice to see these.
I was still cycling back home when I saw few large flocks of Geese migrating high in the sky. One flock went little lower and I had two Brent Geese with lots of Barnacles geese! New for the year again!
I came home and clearly Barnacle Geese had the day. I started to count the birds and in one and a  half hours i had 27 flocks of Barnacle Geese and in total that was 6555 birds, two Brent Geese and star bird of the day, Red-breasted Goose migrating in a flock of 260 Barnacles!
I was tired after work, but that is one of those spectacles you want to see!
Big numbers of Geese went that day in many points in Finland and some places counted over 100 000 geese in one stay. That is real hardcore birdwatching!

6555 of these in one moment near my house. Amazing.

Later that day I started also a new project. More of that later.

18th of May we had local Maunula day and lots of stuff in the park near our house.

19th I went to work again and there I had my first Arctic Skua for the year. Normally I have 1-3 birds every year from there. Next morning I was driving back home and when I was standing in traffic lights I noticed a dark bird flying above me. I raised my binos which I always have in my car, and BOOM! Must be a Pomarine Skua!
I parked my car and tried to see more details of the bird. Tail was clear, like a spoon and long. Bird was light morph and I clearly saw the whitish underparts, brownish chest band and whitish throat. Some gulls were harassing it and the wingspan was about a same with Herring Gull. So very big bird. I send the alarm message and then continued to home to have some sleep.

20th of May we had red morning in Kaivopuisto.

Spring is here. From my backyard.

Yesterday (23th) I had great time with my wife Sanni and after long breakfast we walked around the local central park. Lots of birds singing and I spotted some Wood Warblers, Common White Throats, Ichterine Warbler and Blyth´s Reed Warbler.
Totally we walked about 6km.
In the afternoon we had Vilmas season ending party at the nursery and they had some awesome dancing shows with other kids!

Yellow flowers.

The stream which I visited more often at winter time to see the Dippers. More green coming every day. 

Not much bird photos, but at least something. Next weekend off, so maybe something coming.


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