8. heinäkuuta 2019

Short trip to Vääksy, 29.6.2019

At 29th we visited my mother in law at Vääksy and spend one night there with my family. We got invitation to confirmation party on next day at Lahti, so it was good idea to spend night near by. 
We had lots of good food, like always when we go there. I always feel like gaining few kilos when my mother in law starts cooking. 
Anyway, Sanni and Vilma went for a swim and we had nice time outside. I took my drone there too and it was a pleasure to fly with it again. 
Great-spotted Woodpecker, Osprey, Black-throated Diver, Wood Warbler for something to mention. 
Here is few pictures. 

Female Common Redstart.

Distant Osprey.


Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Drone. No landscape pictures this time. 


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