6. syyskuuta 2019

Short walk close by and little bit raptor watch. 3.9-5.9.2019

On 3rd of September I had only little time to take Julius out and check the fields near by. Nothing really interesting until we had gorgeous 1cy Hen Harrier. Later I realized that it was new stroller tick for me! Bird was migrating quite high, so no reason to take any photos of the little dot in the sky. With binoculars it was relatively easy to id.

Tree Sparrow.

Scenery near my house. 

Juvenile White Wagtail.

On 4th I picked Vilma from daycare and when we walked back to our house I noticed a huge flock of Jackdaws and Crows in flight. First year (1cy) Peregrine Falcon was flying above us! So that was the reason for all the birds in the air! Nice record and year tick.

Jackdaws. I tried to catch that Peregrine, but no success. 

Yesterday on 5th I had two hours and I decided to spend it at the Vuosaari Hill. I arrived after nine a clock and Mikko Salonen was only observer when I came.
Together we did what we could, but only three adult Honey Buzzards, one Common Buzzard, male Marsh Harrier, few Hobbies and local Ospreys were all we had. One distant Harrier which never came to id distance.
Anyway even with out the birds I enjoyed to stay there. Next time maybe something more, but generally watching birds from one spot is the way I like it.

Vuosaari Hill. 

Migrating Honey Buzzards. 

Weekend in summerhouse, so maybe pot from there next.


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