8. marraskuuta 2019

Birthday Cattle Egret 30.10.2019

Finally had time and energy t write something about my last visit to see some birds. It was my birthday about an week a go and I twitched a long staying Cattle Egret from Mäntsälä, which is about 60km from Helsinki.
Story of the bird is interesting, because it was originally found from Hattula, then it moved to Janakkala and then finally found from Mäntsälä few days later and distance of the original place is almost 90km.

Anyway it stayed in Mäntsälä and cause I had a day off I went to check it. Bird was easy to see, I was still driving when I saw it in flight and it stayed on one field during my visit there. Surprisingly it has eaten many Voles every day. Did not realize how much of a predator it can be!
Here is few pictures of the bird.

See the white dot under blue sign. 

The birds was feeding near the road and it got at least one vole during my stay. 

Phone scoped from the distance. 

Beautiful bird. 

Cattle Egret was my Finnish tick number 336 and fourth new one for the year. Also fourth record for Finland, so we are talking about very rare bird! Last one was 2011 and before that there is a records from 2006 and 2002. First for Finland was eastern race Coromandus and it was placed in category C back in 1994.
Hopefully I will have time to go outside soon... Some records of White-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers near my house, so maybe I will go after those in near future.


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