17. elokuuta 2021

Midsummer in Loviisa and some witching. 25.6-28.6.2021

 So we spent midsummer in our summerhouse in Loviisa. I came first with kids and Sanni came day before. Not much time for the birds, but I took several photographs of dragonflies and butterflies. 

When Sanni arrived on 26th I had change to twitch. First came info of Arctic Warbler from Hamina and son migrating Eastern Imperial Eagle from Helsinki to East! I had to try the eagle! 

I said to Sanni that there is two lifer nearby, so go I must! I first started to look the eagle from Loviisa, but with my luck it went more south of the point I stood with few other birders, so no luck with that. Then I decided to try it from Hamina, so I drove about an hour and I had plenty of time to twitch that Arctic Warbler before I came to Hevossaari where I met about 30 more twitchers. We waited the bird, but at some point somebody said that it should be here already... No luck here either.. Arctic Warbler was a lifer for me so that helped a bit, but I really wanted that grand prize eagle! Maybe next time I will contact it. 

Few photos from the weekend.

Juvenile Pied Flycatcher.

Massive Common Toad.


Four-spotted Chaser.

Here is also a poor video where you can hear the Arctic Warbler singing. Make sure you got full volume, cause bird was singing pretty far away.


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