31. heinäkuuta 2022

Laughing Dove in Helsinki 31.7.2022

 I was at the city center with my family when I got message of Laughing Dove photographed at Haltiala, Helsinki. Knowing this species status I had no hurry. Bird was still there when I arrived home, so I took Julius and together we went to see this exotic Dove. 

Bird was hiding when we arrived, but in seconds it came to the open area and we were able to watch it from behind of the fence. Funny thing that the place where the bird was found is domestic animal farm and dove were feeding at the piggery! Did not really raise my hope to get this bird to "wild and free" list in Finland! 

Anyway, I took some photos and soon the rain started and we left. Great looking bird and very rare, so nice ending for the boring month. 

All previous records are in category E in Finland, which means "likely Escapee" class. This is very common pet bird and even available in purchase here in Finland. Let´s hope someone collects the feather or two and we might get some info where this bird is really from. 

Here is few pictures. 

Laughing Dove.

Pretty awesome looking bird.

Laughing Dove.


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