23. joulukuuta 2022

Black Redstart 6.12.2022

 No bird watching during the November... My new hobby, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu takes most of my spare time, but I´m not worried. More to come when the warm and sun is back! ON 6th of December, our independence day I too Vilma and together we went to twitch Black Redstart from Viikki. Only my second during the winter months. 

Day was very dark and photographing was very hard, but here is few pics. Bird was also a year tick for me! 

Black Redstart. 

Wing panel was super bright white. Any ideas of the subspecies? :) 

Not everyday you van have snow and Black Redstart in same picture in Finland.

Happy holidays folks! Possibly some birding still coming this year, but if not, there is always another year just around the corner. I will make 2022 highlight post! 

Take care and stay warm.


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