7. helmikuuta 2013

February.. 7.2.2013

February... What else you can say? It´s slowest and most boring month of all..
All late stayers, rare winter birds have died in this stage of the year. Anyway, i had to go to Seurasaari today with my camera.
After two days snowing, all the trees were white. So beautiful i think.
I did not had any expectations about the birds, but today was nice surprise. Most of the birds were of course Tits, Blackbirds and Crows. When i walked around the island, i had this great idea. I tried to photo all the birds as if they in the middle of the taiga forest, or at least in a forest or at least far from the cities and so on. Do you get it?
Here is few examples:

Black bird.

Great Tit.

Blue Tit.
One of many Great-spotted Woodpeckers.

Yeah, well something. There was also one nature masterpiece witch was hanging from the roof.


Not many quality birds today in the island, but i counted something.
Great-spotted Woodpecker 7 4males 3females.
Black Woodpecker 1
Pine Grosbeak 1 voice only.
Greenfinch 7
Bullfinch 8

Also mammals were common. I had 5 Squirrels and about 10 Bank Voles (Myodes Glareolus).
Sadly no Owls although there is plenty of food on offer. Maybe next time.

Bank Vole.

But best was last today. I was in the parking lot when i heard familiar sound, witch is more common in Estonia.
European Nuthach made some noise and jumped in the air with some Tits. I saw it with my binoculars and i am quite sure it flew in to the island.
What a nice ending for the day.
More postings tomorrow.



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