27. tammikuuta 2013

Hanko 26-27.1.2013

What a nice weekend we had in Hanko.
On my way to Hanko i saw Grey-headed Woodpecker, Hazel Grouse, some Black Grouses and one Great Grey Shrike. We started the meeting about at one a clock in afternoon and lot of good decisions were made.
I don´t actually what happened, but soon the clock was something like 6pm. Time flies when you have something interesting and important on going.
Soon we had super nice sauna and rest of the evening was just hanging with the super nice people and i really had super time!
I went little bit too late to bed, after midnight, so next morning was little hard.
We took a part of Finlands biggest birding event, backyard watch. Last year over 15000 people took part of this event. I guess this year was at least that good.
Place where we stayed had little bird feeding in their yard so that was our place. First birds were Blue and Great Tits. Soon some Black birds and Bullfinches came to eat some seeds.
From the yard you could also saw some open sea so we tried to check it also.
Petteri and Janne saw some duck swimming in open spot, so we went closer and we found some Goldeneyes, Mallards, many Mew Gulls, Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls.
We noticed some Herring Gull movement quite near and soon Petteri yelled, Glaucous Gull, Glaucous Gull!!
Beautiful 2cy bird flew near our place. After Glaucous Gull we had lonely Whooper Swan and that was third year-tick for me on this trip. Nice ending.

Our chairman Kalle Larsson shows some things there.

Relaxed atmosphere of the meeting.

After birds we continued the meeting and finished it after noon. Many good things also today.
Soon after meeting i start to drive back home. I had driven about 15min when i saw White-backed Woodpecker from the car window. Fortunately, i was stopped and i was able to look it trough binoculars. Nice male bird! Always nice to see this scarce Woodpecker.
Thanks to Janne, Visa, Kalle, Juha, Ina, Annika, Heikki, Jösse and Petteri for good company. And thank you all for warm welcome to join in this great people.
Hope we have more these nice meetings in the future.
So, that was my weekend. Hear you soon.



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