25. tammikuuta 2013

Quick twitch. 25.1.2013

I woke up late afternoon because i was working all night. I checked some sightings from Helsinki and one jumped above others. Four Twites very near where i live.
It was already late afternoon but i was lucky with the light. Sun was still shining a little bit.
I arrived to Jätkänsaari and soon i found some other guys watching some birds. I asked them what they see and they told me there is two Shore Larks.
I saw Shore Lark earlier in same place but this time i got little bit better photos. Soon we saw flock of four birds coming on our direction, but we did not see them landed. I continued walking with some older guy and i was actually quite happy with these four birds we saw flying but other guy said that he did not saw any evidence that these four birds were actually the Twite flock.
So we continued our search and just before i decided to leave, some guy yelled that the flock was very near.
I took my camera and start to walk, but flock jumped in the air. I got only photos of flying birds, but you can ID Twite from the photo :) That was the major point.


One Shore Lark.

Two Shore Larks.

Twite was my year-tick number 60 and good specie here in Helsinki. Not my first but not many sightings.
Tomorrow i go to Hanko, so hear you soon.



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