4. tammikuuta 2013

Ämmässuo dump 4.1.2013

2cy Iceland Gull has been quite long time in Ämmässuo dump. It was still missing in my lifer list.
I started very early, left home half nine.
It was still dusk when i arrived near place where people saw the Gull yesterday.
I start to walk but soon i noticed that there was many paths and many directions.. After 30minute sweating, very rapid views of Three-toed Woodpecker i found right path.
There was little fog so weather conditions were not on my side.. I saw only 10% of the gulls firs and most of the birds were  behind the thrash mountains.
Soon some guys came and i was because more eyes is always better.
We tried to find the bird but nothing first. Then most of the gulls came closer and suddenly we saw about 60% of those. Soon i saw 2cy Glaucous Gull in flight and some others saw it right after that. Nice specie, but not that what we were looking.
Gulls were really nervous because of Goshawk and Common Buzzard. Always in flight and when it´s little fog, there is no change to see those birds well enough. Lonely Starling was nice year tick, but still waiting the real prize.
Suddenly i noticed my friend Petri Kuhno walking towards us. It was nice to meet again!
After i had spend 2,5h in the area i was ready to go home. I said to Petri that when i am gone, they will find the bird.
So, no Iceland Gull this time either... There is some higher power witch is against me.


More Gulls.

Only good thin today was good test for my new shoes. Water was sometimes very high when i was walking but my feet were still dry. Thank you Sarina.

My new shoes. 

After i came home, i checked the alarm sites. Petri and guys had the Gull 13min after i leave... Is that normal?
Maybe next time... Glaugous Gull and Three-toed Woodpecker were good species, can´t complain.



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