1. tammikuuta 2013

Here we go again. 1.1.2013

I wanted a good start for the year. Even though there was raining, i went to Espoo where Black-throated Thrush were still present. I spend half an hour there and i saw the thrush, some Tree Sparrows, Redpoll, Siskins and other common stuff. Nice start.
After thrush i went to Olari, where Western Capercaillie was last time. No luck with this huge chicken this time.. There was many birders trying to find it. 
My final place today was Seurasaari, where most of the birds were Blue and Great Tits. 
I found among the tits some Coal Tits, one Willow Tit, Goldcrests, one Tree Creeper, one Great spotted Woodpecker, one Black Woodpecker and Goshawk. 
This was also a test for my new shoes witch i got for Christmas. My feet were try, so it was success.
Total specie count for the day was 33, so nice start i think. 
Sorry for photoless post, but i did not want to wet my camera gear. 
Next time i promise some photos. 

I hope you all had nice start for the year.



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