13. tammikuuta 2013

Winter twitching 13.1.2013

It´s rare for me to be whole day out. Today was that kind of day.
Jände picked me up before nine and we drove to the Viikki where Jari linjala waited us.
Our main target for the morning were Great-grey Owl witch was in Fastholma and later in Mölylä yesterday.
Both of those places are very close to Viikki, so we did not have long drive.
We parked our car and near there was little bird feeding. Few Redpolls, Great and Blue Tits, Black birds and Siskins, so nothing special.
It was long walk to the Mölylä from there and after 40min walking we arrived to the area where people saw the Owl yesterday. On our way we saw Goshawk trying to get Brown Hare, but no luck this time.
Area was huge... We walked around there and only what we saw was cross country skiers and some of those were very angry... It seems that the are belongs to the skiers in winter time.. First one guy pushed me and my coffee jumped from the cup to my binoculars... Second time this SAME guy hit me with the ski pole!
I yelled to him but this mother fucker did not have the guts to turn around.. What a pathetic loser..
Only birds there was two Great-spotted Woodpeckers.. Not much.. And no Great-grey Owl...

Our  next destination was Olari where the familiar Western Capercaillie is hanging around.
We found it easily and of course we took some photos. It was even closer than last time.

150mm No crop. 

500mm No crop.

After Capercailie we drove to Eestinmalmi where another familiar bird has been long time.
Black-throated Thrush was still present. Jari and Jände got year-ticks, i saw it earlier so no ticks for me.
This time it was very hard to see and after it finally came, it disappeared very quickly.


After this Thrush we dropped Jari back home and our next target was Rock Pipit witch has been in Viikkis water treatment plant for quite some time. I don´t actually know why i have not been there earlier, but this time we did not have ANY luck...
Bird was little bit behind the bushes and some photographer flushed it in the air. Jände saw it very quickly, i was totally blind... It was too fast situation and Jände did not count it because of that.
So also this year tick failed...
When we were walking to the car, i remembered that near my house in Jätkänsaari were Shorelark earlier today.
We decided to try it also and after 20min drive we arrived to the Jätkänsaari.
Some birder flushed it from the stone mound and Jände saw it from the car. We jumped out and there was many familiar faces watching the bird! Jari Laitasalo and he´s girfriend Mirka and Pekka Komi were standing there and Jari had the bird in the telescope. Quick look and there it was, super beautiful bird! I even got some bad photos of it trough Jaris telescope. Also Pekka Rusanen came little bit later and he saw it also.  Very nice ending for the day.

Bad photo, but you can see the specie. 

Only one new year-tick for me today, but it´s okay.
Day was nice and i have to thank Jari and Jände for super company. Let´s have more these days.
Still few days off work, so more there is more coming.



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