15. tammikuuta 2013

Winter. 15.1.2013

I did some birding again today. Weather was bad. Cloudy, dark and only few birds.
I start from Etelä-Haaga and i successfully twitched White-throated Dipper. Nice year tick for me. Impossible to photo but i saw the bird twice before it went under the bridge and disappeared.

Dipper place in Haaga.

Next target was Rock Pipit in Viikki. I arrived there and there was few other birders also. On my way i called to Jari Linjala and he came later there with skis. I spend about hour there and no bird...
Jari continued he´s skiing and i started to walk to my car.
On my way to my car, i saw some bird flying along little ditch. Bird came closer and there it was, Rock Pipit, at last.. It went trough the lake where it´s normal place was. Also two Black Woodpeckers in the area. Second year tick for the day!
After Viikki i went to Seurasaari to check normal feeding places. Many Black Birds (25), Blue Tits (40), Great Tits (30) and few Coal Tits. When i walked back to my car some older guy told me about European Robin in one feeding place. I went there and there it was. Nice winter specie, although it has become semi common winter bird recent years.
Other birds in the island was Black Woodpecker (voice), Little Woodpecker (year tick), two Great-spotted Woodpeckers and Goshawk.

Black Bird.

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Little Woodpecker painting in Seurasaari.

Blue Tit and Feral Pigeon.

Sorry about boring post. Normal species only in the photos.. I still have few days off work so maybe something coming soon, before my weekend in work.
I have now seen 56 species in Finland in 15 days. I have to save few species for the rest of the winter!



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