11. tammikuuta 2013

Finally Iceland Gull 11.1.2013

Today was weird.. I promised to Sarina that i go with her to the city center.
Clock was almost two at afternoon and i got this strange feeling... "I had to go to Espoo, there will be Iceland Gull if i go now"
So, you can see there is a problem. I called to Sarina and told her a little white lie, "there is Iceland Gull in Espoo and i HAVE to go now"
I was already driving and soon i arrived to the Soukka Harbor where bird was seen yesterday. So i had no clue...
When i was working last four nights i make a timetable about Iceland Gulls movement. Normally it passed Soukka at two pm or little bit later. Before that, bird usually eat in Ämmässuo Dump, where i was last time, if you remember.
So there i stand with some other guys and waited the gull. Few flocks passed us but nothing there. Finally i found this beautiful gull from quite large flock, and i was surprised how white and how easily i found it from the flock.
I even got some bad photos!

Iceland Gull, 3cy bird.

And with others. 

So, first lifer for the year. Let´s hope there will be few more soon. I don´t know how i got the feeling to go there, but it was something really weird.
I told to Sarina later that i lied to her and i was sorry for that. But hey, tick is a tick like somebody said once.
More postings soon, i have many days off work.



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