11. marraskuuta 2013

Autumn is not over yet. 11.11.2013

Finally i managed to write something here.. I don´t have any new about my birding ,but when you have break like this i just wanted to write something. 

The topic is there because all the good birds came late this autumn and went straight to Sweden. Those lucky ducks got two Black-throated Accentors, Siberian Rubythroat, two Desert Wheatears, and of course Black-faced Bunting. Bunting is in top 5 in my wishlist. 

Also Estonia got some good birds recent days. Second Pied Wheatear in Sörve B.O and only few days after that, first Crag Martin in same place. Nice work Mati. Wheatear pics here Pied Wheatear and Martin here. 

Finland has been quite empty.. Two Hume´s Leafwarblers in Utö and one in Jurmo. Glossy Ibis in Parikkala and Greater Short-toed Lark in Säppi island. (first for säppi)

All of these sightings are from November and it seems that November is new The Month. 
I have 6 days of after these three evening shifts and then im out all the time. 
We have also autumn meeting of Finlands twitching society next weekend, so lots of action coming. 
Its good to see some friends. 

Lets hope i have some pics next time and more text about my sightings. Maybe i should move to Sweden?


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