15. marraskuuta 2013

Hawk Owl. 15.11.2013

I had huge problems to go out today and i don´t even know why... Anyway i went to Töölö where long staying Hawk Owl has been. I have already about 150 photos of this same owl but i think its still super cool bird. First i got some problems to find it but after it flew quite near me i just followed it. There was also one other guy photographer in the park and we had nice time with the Owl.

Hawk Owl.

First photo of the bird today. 

Like you can see the light conditions were hard and it was real challenge to get any photo of the bird. Thank god i bring my tripod.
This bird has been almost two months in Töölö and it must be on the most photographed bird in whole Finland this year.
Other birds in the park were Crows, two Starlings and Tits.

My 300mm lens is way too short.. Need to get 500mm.

And the bird saw it also. "Haha, what is that" It must say here. 

Nice two hours in park. Tomorrow i met many friends in our meeting which i mentioned in my last post.
Have a good weekend with lots of birds where ever you are.


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