30. kesäkuuta 2021

Baird´s Sandpiper. 7.6.2021

At the evening of 7th of June I had great opportunity to twitch a lifer for me. Earlier that day Pekka Alho found Baird´s Sandpiper from Mynämäki, SW Finland. I checked the route and stuff during the day and I lured my uncle Jände with me. We finally started at 7pm from Helsinki and took us just over two hours to arrive to the site. There was a guy at the parking lot and he told us that bird moved and was disappeared just 10 minutes before we arrived.. Great! 600m walk in the forest with thousands mosquito was a real treat.. I have around 35 red dots around my legs.

When we arrived to the bird tower where people watched the bird we got good new that it was seen only minute before we came. Distance was hundreds of meters, but finally the bird came to open with Broad-billed Sandpiper. From the distance it was first hard to separate these two, but with the time I was able to see some features of the bird. Shape, shortish bill, breast markings etc. Shame that it was so far a way. 

We watched the bird about 20 minute and we were happy. Back to the car through the forest and mosquito armies was easier when you have lifer in the bag! We had another over two hours in the car, so our plan was back to Helsinki as soon as possible. Back home around midnight.

Twitchers. Distance of the bird, some hundred meters.

Today no info about the bird, so it has continued it´s journey way out of the familiar breeding grounds (Siberia and Western Greenland). This was only 8th record from Finland and four of these birds was seen after year 2000. 

Thanks for the company Jände, it was a pleasure like always! 


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