3. kesäkuuta 2021

Recent birding and vacation week. 3.6.2021

 Last week, 24th of May to 30th I had one week vacation. Lots of activities with the kids, but also some birding at least. 

Sparrow from near by park. Nice auto focus in my camera.

Male Great-spotted Woodpecker.

On 24th we tried to twitch Collared Flycatcher from Kirkkonummi, but no luck. I even got the stroller with me! Consolation prize was European Serin from Töölö, singing male bird. 

26th Julius turned three, so we had small party and later weekend little bit larger with relatives. 27th I was unlucky again when we went to Haltiala to twitch Common Quail, but nothing... 

Vilma in the stroller. Haltiala Quail twitch.

28th I had Greenish Warbler in Paloheinä and same day we visited Korkeasaari Zoo. From there I had Common Shelduck, which is not really common here in Helsinki. Bird went towards east and disappeared soon. 

Asian Lion and Julius was exited! 

Peacock male. 

29th I was finally lucky when I went to Vanhankaupunginlahti with Julius and we twitched a Black Tern from Pornaistenniemi. Awesome bird and pretty rare here in Helsinki! 

Julius heading to Pornaistenniemi to twitch Black Tern.

Black Tern.

Black Tern.

Sedge Warbler.

Yesterday (2nd of June) I took Sanni and kids to Asikkala to see my mother in law. Finally because of Covid-19 Kids saw their grandmother after a year. I had to come back home cause of my work. 

This evening after work I decided to visit vanhankaupunginlahti and I went to Pornaistenniemi tower. Son I noticed two Great White Egrets with tens of Grey Herons. Always nice to see these. My target bird was Red-necked Phalarope which showed it self in flight finally after hour and a half. Bird was seen from other tower much closer but I´m really glad hat my hard work paid off! Distance was hundreds of meters. 

Here is few pics from my trip.


One of two Great white Egrets.

Maybe more birds this weekend. Already very much summer here, but who knows what kind of monsters are there only waiting to be found. 


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