10. syyskuuta 2022

Great Snipe in Helsinki 10.9.2022

 Days are running, not many good birds around the capital area, but yesterday I had message of local Great Snipe in Helsinki, and more specific in Malmi Cemetery! What a crazy place to found Great Snipe!

Today I was waiting the update of the bird, but all morning nothing happened.. Vilma was sick again and I took Julius for some bike riding around the nearby areas. We had large flock of Siskins, many Goldfinches, lone Goshawk and Sparrowhawk and so on, much common stuff. Good time with my son was of course the best thing there. 

White Wagtail in a bath.

Around ten juveniles in small area in Pirkkola. 

Juvenile / female Blackcap near our house in Maunula.

Finally in the afternoon someone found the Snipe and I rushed to see that awesome looking bird. Not too often you can watch this species, or any snipe species so close and far from the muddy water areas.. This bird was standing on  a grass and it found at least two big worms before it walked behind a tombstone and started to sleep. Here is few pictures. 

Great Snipe.

A bit closer. Look at those details! 

at this point it was behind of a tombstone.

Final check before sleep. No threats. 

Time to sleep! 

Finally I got some decent images of this awesome species. Pretty rare here in Helsinki and very rare breeder in whole Finland. Normally you can found these from fields and meadows when you walk around there, but this bird was a bit easier. Hopefully it can eat and continue its migration soon enough. 


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