3. lokakuuta 2022

Birding activities with kids.

 Last weekend I spend lots of time with my kids, cause Sanni arranged Vilma´s birthday party and it was easier that we were gone and she had quiet and peace to do all the things. 

1st of October we visited Seurasaari to feed some birds and Red Squirrels. Great fun for the kids when Great Tit or Nuthatch lands on to your hand and pick´s up a nut or two. Not much else in the island this time, even though we were looking all the good places. 

Here is few photos from there. 

Nuthatch in natural habitat.

Nuthatch in unnatural habitat.

Relatives came to visit and Vilma got lots of presents. 

On 2nd Vilma had all her friends over, so I took Julius and we went to help my father to our summerhouse in Loviisa. We lifted both our piers, cause when the winter hits, all the ice would destroy everything. Also some cleaning around place and so on. Sun was shining so we had great day outdoors. From the car window I had juvenile Golden Eagle at Gammelby junction and other common birds from the summerhouse. 

After the summerhouse we went to Malminkartano, Helsinki to see if the Rustic Bunting would show up again and it really did. Nice juvenile bird was feeding on the ground, a bit far a way, but it was very easy to see. Even Julius got lifer this time! 

Few photos here. 

Rustic Bunting was feeding on a small road.

Very rare twitchable bird here in Helsinki.

Daylight began to fade when we were there, so poor photos cause of that. 

Great weekend! 


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