7. lokakuuta 2022

Pygmy Cormorant! 5.10.2022

 I was casually working at the office when I noticed an alarm of Pygmy Cormorant from Espoo! I was really mind blown and thought that this must be some kind of mistake.. Soon first pictures came and I had to leave the office to see this bird. 

I drove from Metsälä to Hanasaari and finally about an hour later the bird was found I was watching this only second ever Pygmy Cormorant in Finland! First record was earlier this year from Siilinjärvi and it was very hard to reach, so I decided to skip that one, so this one was really nice surprise! 

Bird was standing on a small islet and never moved during my visit. I walked to the Helsinki and Espoo sides to see the bird, just in case I some day start some kind of city listings. 

My fourth new bird for the year and life list in Finland now #352. 

Here is few photos of the bird, all taken though my telescope. 

Pygmy Cormorant.

Bird was sitting on that same place during my visit.

One more. 

Great bird and congrats to the finders! Easily my rarest bird in Finland this year, so far! 


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