25. kesäkuuta 2014

Common Nightingale twitch with Jari and Markus 23.6.2014

Day before yesterday me Jari and Markus decided to twitch Common Nightingale candidate from Orivesi.
Orivesi is about 2 hours drive from Helsinki so not too far this time.
I got my mothers car before eight a clock and Markus came also there. Soon we picked up Jari and started our drive to Orivesi.
We arrived there about at ten a clock and bird was quiet that time. Few twitchers told that bird had sung few verses little bit earlier.

Place was near railway so lots of extra noise around.

It didn´t took long after bird started to sing very actively and in my ears, it sounded very good for Common Nightingale. Soon we had idea that because earlier catching attempt was unsuccessful, we try to catch the bird. We had only one 9m net with us so we tried to put it in one good place and play some tape.

Jari with the beautiful sky.

Me and Markus holding the net.

After 1,5 hours and several different tries we had to quit. Bird had very same route every time but i guess it was just laughing for us from the bush. Anyway, we had great time.
Later we tried to twitch Savi´s Warbler from Valkeakoski but not any sound from the reeds.. Only Sedge and Reed Warblers around, with some Woodcocks and Little Gulls.

Jari trying to hear Savi´s Warbler.

We arrived back to Helsinki very late or should i say early, clock was about four in the morning.
I returned the car near my mothers house and had to cycle back home.

Great night indeed. Nightingale was captured night before and it really is Common Nightingale. My Finnish tick number 301 and only 34th record for Finland. Jari and Markus already got this one but it´s always good to hear and see these kind of challenging birds i guess. Here is short video where you can hear little bit of birds singing.


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