2. kesäkuuta 2014

Rhodes, first full day in island of the sun. 2.6.2014

Yesterday i arrived to Rhodes, Greece. Awesome way to start my summer vacation.
It was quite late when i landed here so not much birding yesterday. Red-footed Falcon was best bird during my taxi ride to my hotel.
Today i went to the beach with my mother and sister so this was also almost birdless day. I was absolutely stunned when i noticed dark morph Eleonora´s Falcon flying south during sunbathing!! It took only one and a half hours to see this lifer. Thank god i was at least acting sharp that moment. Also some Gull moving during the morning and i counted at least five Audoin´s Gulls along the Yellow-legged Gulls. Always nice bird to see.

Rhodes views.

Later i left and i walked to Rhodes old town where is huge medieval castle or something. I walked around there and saw lost of Craig Martins, Sardinian Warblers and of course Sparrows. I got nice photos when adult Martin fed already quite big juvenile. I guess quite rare photo!

Juvenile Craig Martin.

Adult feeding young.

Medieval ruins.

Possibly the worst pic of Sardinian Warbler ever. But male bird, as you can see :)

Later i walked around the harbor and city but nothing special there. I tried to photo some Swallows but success avoided me.

Barn Swallow. 

Tomorrow i will hire a car so i guess more bird photos and else. I´m going to visit Butterfly walley and some places in South.


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