20. kesäkuuta 2014

Little Bittern twitch in SE-Estonia 18-19.6.2014

Raul Vilk found fifteenth Little Bittern for Estonia few days ago near Tartu, and it meant that we had to go there and found it again!
Good new only day before our trip when Uku, Mari and others heard the bird again around midnight.
Risto picked me up and after we took Jände from city-center we drove to earliest Tallink ferry to Tallinn.
Tartu is about 180km from Tallinn so we had some driving ahead. During our drive we decided to go there already at day time.
Not much birds along the drive, but i can mention some Marsh Harriers, lots of White Storks, Common Buzzard and other usual stuff.
We arrived to the Võnjärvi at 2pm after long and frustrating walk trough the woods, and very soon after that the bird called first time! Amazing! Few minutes later i heard the call again, but maybe little bit further this time.
Most of the time Great-reed Warbler was annoyingly loud! We spend two hours there and after those first calls, we did not hear it again. Few Savi´s Warblers, one Honey Buzzard, White-tailed Eagle near the lake during our wait.

Easiest part of our "road" to the lake.

Risto surpassing one of many obstacles.

Võnjärv, best place to hear Little Bittern in Estonia.

Big Water Spider.

After we passed the woods again we went to have some dinner and then we took room from Rehe Hotel near Tartu
Later evening we were watching football from TV we talked about the Bittern and we wanted to hear it little better and maybe get some recording this time. Risto stayed at the hotel but me and Jände went back and this time, middle of the night.
This time we found super easy road and it was almost pleasure to walk there! After spending almost two hours there, we heard nothing.. But at least we tried!

Next morning after short sleep and breakfast we tried to twitch Booted Warbler but too much traffic near the road so we did not hear a thing.. Maybe next time.
Later we had another breakfast and we make some plans to drive to Pärnu and especially Audru. Few stops during the drive and best place was Helme where we had Middle-spotted Woodpecker, four European Nuthatches, Red-backed Shrike, and some other common stuff.
Distant Red-backed Shrike.

European Nuthatch.

Before Audru we checked also Pikla, but nothing there.. In Audru we had one Great-white Egret and some Great-reed Warblers.

Barn Swallow in Pikla.

Later we had to drove back to Tallin because our ferry left at 4.30pm and later we arrived to Helsinki.
Great two days with great guys. Little Bittern was my Estonian tick number 281 so there is little change to get that 300 before i turn 30!
Next trip to Estonia maybe early July. Thanks guys for the company!


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