12. helmikuuta 2017

Back to basics. 12.2.2017

My yesterday was so unsuccessful. Together with Tyron we tried Water Rail from Vanhankaupunginlahti, ut no luck.. Both were with babies so that makes it also little bit harder.
Anyway Tyron had to leave and we went to Kamppi where Crested Lark was refound after 2 months. I knew that pale is going to be hard. We walked around the area with Vilma but no luck.. Before noon we had to leave because of Vilmas nap.
Day was not over and we came back! and this time we put some real effort on this bird, but again, nothing...

This photo describes my day. Great Tit with swollen foot. It hardly moved when Vilma went close to it. 

Today I decide to stay in Maunula and keep my self and Vilma busy with basic stuff. I thought that why not go and check the old places on my "local patch". Who knows what will show up.
We had pleasant morning with the whole family and Sanni left to work just before Vilmas nap time.
After her beauty sleep we went out. I told Vilma that first some birding and then playgrounds, like we always do.
We went to check Dipper stream and it was very nice today. First bird we found was actually new one. This bird had ring and earlier there was not any ringed bird in this stream.

In this photo you an see the ring. 

This new bird had totally different area for feeding than the others and it dominated the southern part of the stream. We continued towards the feeder near by and before that I found another DIpper without any ring.
Feeder was busy, mostly Tits, but also two Great-spotted Woodpeckers, Greenfinches, Blackbirds, Treecreeper and Jay.

Second Dipper.

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Two birds!

This time we went in the woods having some offroad strollering and Vilma was very excited about the bumps!

Vilma and the woods.
We walked about 20 minutes and I found a path which too us back to the stream. I checked the open water holes and soon I found another Dipper. I started to take some photos of it and same time another bird landed quite near. Both without rings. So the stream holds three birds now! How cool is that.


I had to take some mirror image photos of the bird.

And again.

"I see food" 

And the last one.

Southern part of the stream.
It would be nice to know who put the ring on this new bird, but in my pics I can´t see the ring number.. Maybe some other day with better light I can manage to get photo good enough.
So, after all this we went to have good time in the playground. Vilma was happy and I saw pair of Ravens flying above the area. We spend about 40 minutes there and then back home.

My beautiful girl. 

Time is running when you have good time. The old saying is very correct. My last weekd of paternity leave starts tomorrow and we are spending our mornings in Vilmas new daycare to see how things work. I really hope everything goes smoothly!

We will try some birding in afternoons next week.


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