3. helmikuuta 2017

Nice winter birding in Helsinki 3.2.2017

This morning we started from Tokoinranta, which holds two Barnacle Goose and a lone Wigeon. Place was great for Vilma who likes a lot to watch Mallards and other birds, and there we had big flock of those!

Mallards everywhere! 

Eurasian Wigeon wintering in Helsinki. 

One of two Mute Swans in the area.

Happy girl and lots of Ducks.

Two Barnacles. 

After Tokoinranta I wanted to visit Kaivopuisto and twitch a local Black-throated Thrush hybrid something, and because there aws also Haw Owl in the area, we went there.
I parked my car and we walked towards little group of people and they were watching the Owl.

Northern Hawk Owl.

After taking my records shots of the Owl we walked to the Thrush place. Bird was showing well, but it was so dark again! My photos are shit, but you can see how odd looking bird this is. Maybe it has some influence of Nauman´s Thrush of something.

Black-throated Thrush.

And same bird again.

Well... Maybe someone wiser than me can tell what a heck is this bird. Anyway it is a great looking fellow and rare for sure.
After birds, like always I let Vilma walk and play around before we left home.

Vilma and Kaivopuisto.


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