21. helmikuuta 2017

Lots of sunlight, no birds. 21.2.2017

Awesome looking weather drove me and Vilma outside. I´m having a day off and because of that Vilma can stay home. We checked our normal places but today was really slow.
We did not find any Dippers. Only the most common birds around today. Only difference for normal was many Bullfinches around. I counted 16 today and normally you can see maybe 4. Also four Jays, three Great-spotted Woodpeckers, small flock of Siskins, Raven and Fieldfare around.
Here is some photos.

Male Bullfinch.

Clear weather in Maunula.


Dipper stream.

 After we came home I put Vilma to bed I started to feel very sick. Let´s hope this is gone fast..


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