25. toukokuuta 2020

Long weekend in summerhouse. 21.5-25.5.2020

We had very pleasant weekend in summerhouse. Good company, some fresh brew, birds, family and so on.
We arrived last Thursday, but before that I was able to twitch White Stork to my Helsinki year list. We were waiting Sanni from work with kid when info came about two Storks quite near by. I drove there cause we had like half an hour before we had to be in Oulunkylä where Sanni is working. I arrived to the site in Haltiala and already from the car I saw the storks flying. I parked and took some pictures and birds came more and more closer all the time. I was lucky, case birds took off and continued their journey to somewhere else.

This is actually different bird what we had in Espoo earlier same week. 

White Stork.

Kids are ready to go! 

Later we arrived to Loviisa and we met my father and his family there. Sauna was great.
On Friday we visited Porvoo for day trip and kids liked it very much. We also had some pizza in the park and that was the best thing that day for Julius. After groceries we headed back to summerhouse and I had migrating Great White Egret from our yard! Sauna was great again.

Blackbird nest.

Tree Sparrow in Porvoo.

Camberwell Beauty (Nymphalis Antiopa)

Vilma in Porvoo.

Saturday I made little walk during Julius daily nap and I was able to watch some local bird without any interference. I had nice variety of birds including at least seven Great Spotted Woodpeckers, loads of Treecreepers, Tree Pipits, Hobby, two Wrynecks, about ten Pied Flycatchers, Ichterine Warbler, many Goldcrests and so on. It was a really nice walk and took little bit over an hour of my time.

We had this little bonfire on Friday

Green Hairstreak (Callophrys Rubi)

Female Pied Flycatcher.

Quite young White-tailed Eagle.

Caspian Tern from our shore. 

Pair of Crested Grebe from our shore.

Viviparous Lizard (Zootoca Vivipara)

Today we had some cleaning and stuff before we left. I was able to see two Skua species migrating, and I was quite sure that they were Pomarine Skuas, but little bit too far away to ID without hesitation.

Lesser Whitethroat collecting nesting material.

Common Sandpiper were common and I had at least three birds every day.

Here is also two drone pictures from the weekend. Sunset was amazing.


Panorama view.

After we got back home I got info about Montagu´s Harrier in Haltiala. Bird seemed to be very local and staying in small area so I gave it a try with my kids.
Took forever to get everybody to the car and at some point I received an message which told that the bird left.

For some reason I decided to try anyway, cause sometimes birds can come back, but because it was gone I started from Paloheinä and I stopped there briefly. Short watch gave me Honey Buzzard, but nothing else until I got message again and this time the bird was really back!

Quickly we drove to the place where it was seen and I saw two birders and I asked them if they had seen it. They told me that bird just passed my car and went in other direction!
I turned my car and drove like 300 meter when I found the bird quite near the road.

Quick top, camera, photos, done. Then Stroller from the back, Vilma out, to the stroller and yes! Stroller tick!
I gave both kids a little reward.

Amazing looking bird. 

Bird was second calendar year male. 

What an ending for the great weekend. Montagu´s Harrier was my stroller tick number 248,so magical 250 is just behind the corner.

Thanks to my family, and my father, Sari and Matias for company this weekend, it was great fun.
This upcoming week I have many mornings off, so maybe that means more birding. Let´s see.


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