30. toukokuuta 2020

Short visit to Kirkkonummi. 29.5.2020

On 29th, Friday I had just enough time before to visit Saltfjärden, one of many great places in Kirkkonummi with my uncle. We decided to be there around noon, cause normally raptors are giving their best after morning.
Shame that pretty soon after we arrived we were able to see that it was very slow day and we had to scan the empty sky.
During our two hour 20 minutes we had three Honey Buzzards, two local Hobby, two to four different White-tailed Eagles, lone Common Kestrel, single Osprey and one local Marsh Sandpiper.
Marsh Sand was flying near the bird tower and it landed behind the reeds. We were standing in the parking lot, where you have about the same view than from the tower.

Distant Osprey. 

Satfjärden parking lot. You can see the tower in the middle of the picture, quite far a way.

That day someone saw three Marsh Sandpipers and two of them were displaying near the tower!

Later we visited a craft beer brewery in Espoo and picked up some goodies for the weekend. After that I noticed that I have over an hour time before I have to be at work, so I went to Lehtisaari to search local Long-eared Owl brood, but no luck. I found Great-spotted Woodpecker nest, Adult Goldfinch was feeding the young bird and local Barnacle Geese... So nothing special.

Evil looking stare. 

Barnacle Goose. 

Great visit and one new bird to my year list (Marsh Sand). Thanks for the company Jände.
Spring is slowly ending and summer is here. Last few days the temperature has reached to over 20 degrees celsius.

Still some birds migrating, but at this point almost all the breeding birds are already in Finland. Arctic Warbler is maybe the latest arrival and we have to wait it another week or two.
I will try to find some birds also next week, but working from eight to four will make it pretty difficult. Thank god my summer vacation starts in three weeks, so at least lots of summer housing and stuff like that coming.


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