25. lokakuuta 2020

Dipping and Tawny Owl. 17.10.2020

 Only a week late this post, but who cares, right?

A Little Bunting was found from Vuosaari on 15th of October. I was working and busy all the time, so no change to twitch.. On Saturday I finally had an hour for birds and I went to check if the Bunting is still there. I arrived to Kallvik and I noticed a group of birders looking the spot where the bird was seen previous days. I join them and in 45 minutes all we had was Redpolls, three different species of Tits, Bullfinches, small flock of Waxwings and other common stuff. Before I left without Little Bunting I saw Tawny Owl roosting in a chimney of the house near the road, so I had to take some pictures of the bird. Smart looking brown Owl! 

Weather was nice.

Tawny Owl.

Sanni had made some plans with my cousin earlier and we visited them in Konala later. Nice day even without that bloody Bunting. 


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