8. lokakuuta 2020

Pallas´ Leaf Warbler 7.10.2020

 Yesterday I was working and during the day I noticed that Pallas´ Leaf Warbler was found from Tähtitorninmäki, Helsinki by Antti Salovaara. I really wanted to see the bird, but I had to run around the Helsinki. At some point I was very close to the place and I decided to give it 15 minutes. I walked in the park where the bird was seen and I met my friend Matti Rekilä there. We were talking and soon we heard a promising call. We walked towards the call and there was at least eight twitchers watching the bird! Bird was hiding in a large tree and I saw it first only shortly. After five minutes the bird moved to the smaller tree and it was very easy to watch. I even got these poor shots with my mobile phone! 

Pallas´ Leaf Warbler

The place. Some guy walked into my photo... 

Shame that I had only my mobile with me...

And one more.

Soon I had to leave back to work, but damn I was happy. This species is getting more and more rare every year and I checked our Tiira database and there is only 19 records of Pallas´ Leaf Warbler in Uusimaa county during the last decade. 

Here is Matti´s amazing picture of the bird.

This weekend I have high hopes for the birds, let´s see what is going to happen. 


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