14. lokakuuta 2021

Brown Shrike 14.10.2021

 During my day t work I got message to our local Viikki WhatsApp group of juvenile Shrike which looked very good for Brown Shrike. I was having my lunch and during that some people ID´d the bird as Brown Shrike and oh boy, I had to run. 

I took my work car and drove to Viikki and walked about one kilometers to see the bird. I had only my camera and binoculars, but luckily kind fellow birders gave me good views from their telescopes. 

Only second record from Finland after bird in Hailuoto this September! We had to look the bird from distance, but I managed to have few poor pictures of the bird. 

Brown Shrike.

Bird was almost inside of the trees or bushes the whole time I spend at the site.

What a bird! 

Lots of twitchers at the site! 

Congratulations to Kaj Hällsten who found the bird! Let´s hope we will get more mega rarities like this in the near future! 


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