16. kesäkuuta 2022

Mallorca with kids 31.5 - 7.6.2022

So we had a nice holiday week in Mallorca with my mother and my kids. Our hotel was located in Alcudia, which is in north-eastern part of the island. 

Already from the buss windows which drove us to the hotel I was able to see couple of Eleonora´s Falcons, Redkites, lone Booted Eagle and some Kestrels.

Hotel area was nice, with lots of pools and activities for the kids. Here is some photos of Hawk-moths from the hotel garden and birds from Alcudia area.

Beautiful Alcudia.

Kids running to the store.

Audoin´s Gull from our hotel pool.

Audoin´s Gull from the shore near by. 

What a beauty this species is. 

Colias Croceus female. 

Spotted Flycatcher (Balearica)

Julius at the beach.

Yellow-legged Gull from the beach.

Macroglossum Stellatarum

Macroglossum Stellatarum

Macroglossum Stellatarum

Macroglossum Stellatarum

Pararge Megera?

Little Egret. 

Black-tailed Skimmer Orthetrum Cancellatum.

Hyles Livornica

Hyles Livornica.

Hyles Livornica.

Hyles Livornica.

So beautiful. Close relative of Hyles Gallii from Finland.


Hyles Livornica.

Vilm at the beach.

During the week I made two bird watching trips. First to Natural park Albufeira where I cycled from the hotel. Second trip was to Vall de Bóguer for Balearic Warbler, which I eventually found after searching for it some time. 

Natural park Albufeira is a real oasis. My target bird were Crested Coot and after an hour search I found a family of two adults and a chick. Other nice observations were Cinereous Vulture and Melodious Warbler. Other birds were mostly common bird from the Mediterranean area. Local Spotted Flycatcher of course were subspecies Balearica, which is different than here in Finland. 

View from the bird watching tower. Vulture passed this place. 

Mighty Cinereous Vulture. 

Eleonora´s Falcon.

Crested Coots.

Funny how different looking bird this is when compare to Common Coot.

Very common Cattle Egret.

I was inside of the photographing hide when I noticed these awesome Thick Knees.

I guess one bird was hatching and one just watching around.

At some point this bird stoop up and I saw it better.

Black-winged Stilts escorted Marsh Harrier away from the area.

European Serin were very common. Males were singing everywhere.

We also visited Palma de Mallorca. Aquarium and marine park were great and kids were happy. From the car I had three Woodchat Shrikes, which are subspecies Badius there. Shame that I did not get any photos. 

Vall de Bóguer were awesome place. High cliffs, bushy area and loads of Sardinian Warblers, two Peregrine Falcons, Goldfinches, Linnets and many European Stonechats. Finally almost at the end of the road I found one male Balearic Warbler and possibly same bird was running on ground and it fooled me totally. No photos... After I left I also quickly visited Natural park Albufereta, but it only gave me Swamp Hen, nothing much more. Singing Corn Bunting is always a pleasure, cause it is so rare here in Finland. 

Female type Stonechat. 

Adult male European Stonechat.

Graphosoma Italicum

End of the road. What a place. 

Balearic Warblers live here. 

Massive stones along the small road. 

Pyronia Tithonus from Albufereta.

Sardinian Warbler from Albufereta.

Western Swamphen from Albufereta. Distant bird...

All my target species in the bag I spend the rest of the trip with kids at the pool. Very nice place, lots of birds, easy with kids, hotel Seaclub very good for families. 

More birding later. 


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