18. huhtikuuta 2012

Dead Sea, 17.4.2012

After quite short sleep, we checked Kfar Ruppins kibbuz. Few Eastern Olivaceous Warblers and few Syrian Woodpeckers... Next we check few fish pond near by, 30 Ortolan Buntings! I haven´t saw such a big flock in my life.
Soon we bored and decided to drive to Dead Sea area.

Chukar trough windshield.

Syrian Woodpecker

Peafowl also in Kfar Ruppin.
We were almost in Ein Gedi when Esko saw first Fan-tailed Raven. I didn´t see it but later we had about 20 birds. Little bit later we arrived some observation point high at the mountains and first buzzards migrate quite close. We started watch migration and later we saw one Egyptian Vulture, 6 Steppe Eagles, one Sparrow Hawk, and over a hundred Common Buzzards.
After 45min we continued and Jände booked room for us at Ein Gedi Youth Hostel. We take little siesta and then we met Barak Granit ant Neot Hakikar. We had agreed that he show´s Nubian Nightjahrs for us.

Desert Lark at observation point.

Young Steppe Eagle.

We meet Barak at Neot Hakikar junction and he drove in front and we followed.
Drive was quite long and after 20min we arrived to little pond. Purple Swamphen was sen there some time before we came to Israel so we give it a try. No Swamphen this time but we saw Purple Heron, Great White Egret, Ruffs, Little Stints. Little Bittern and Glamorous Reed Warbler was singing.
When sun was setting, we drove to a little field and started to wait Nightjarhs.
First we heard just voices but when real dark came, birds started to be very active. Soon we saw first and at the end there was at least 3males. We tryed to take some photos of birds but it was hard because birds were super shy.
We had about 2 hours with nightjars and then Barak guided us out of the place.
I must say, this was super evening. Thank you Barak.

Cute Nubian Nightjahr sitting on the road.

Nice day with 2 lifers. Fan-tailed Raven and Nubian Nightjahr.

Days Car problem.
Only way to open drunk is pushing button inside of the car. Ques how many times i had run back to the car...


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