29. huhtikuuta 2012

Last eilat and Nizzana, 23.4.2012

We had quick sea-watch before the ringing station. It wasn´t waste of time because we had 1summer White-Cheeked Tern sitting on a buoy! I took some photos trough my telescope but not any goof of course. My phone scoping skills must be rusty.
About 7 a clock we arrived to the station and there was nobody. Tzadok was there and he told us that everybody went to the nets. So we wait and soon the Dutch came with the first birds.
Jände and Esko walked around and i was sitting with the ringers. Most of the birds were of course Blackcaps but there was also few Garden Warblers.  Lesser Whitethroats, Sand Martin and Barn Swallows were numerous.
First Turtle Dove was also captured on first round and that was new ringing tick for the Dutch guys.

Yotam show´s how Wryneck gets food. 

Happy Dutch guys with Turtle Dove.

Later i went to the Heligoland traps witch Teun and Bram. We had two Levant Sparrowhawk, Little Crake, Masked Shrike and some other common birds. Same time somebody had Squakko Heron from some trap. Nice!
I must thank Roni, Yotam, Teun, Bram Christian and others. With you guys our trip was better.

Levant is somehow better than NonLevant. 

Funny looking Squakko Heron. 

We left about 10.30 because we had breakfast at our hotel. Then we packed our bags and quickly checked km19 and km20 pools. Best birds were Bar-tailed Godvit and Collared Pratincole.
Rest of the day were driving to Nizzana, not many birds were seen but best was adult Peregrine Falcon witch we saw at Nizzana fishponds.
We got room at the Nizzana fieldschool.

Magnificent Peregrine.

Best bird for the day was clearly White-cheeked Tern. It was lifer for all of us.

Bird of the day! 



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