26. huhtikuuta 2012

Dead sea and some Eilat. 18.4.2012

Sleeping was hard this time because some teenage rebels had huge party at the Youth Hostel.
We started about 6am and first place where we stopped was Ein Gedi kibbutz.
Mostly there was Black Caps and we counted something like 200 birds! Tristham Starlings were also one of the commonest birds in the area and we saw Nightingale and Rock Martins as well. New specie for our trip-list was Tree Pipit.
About hour later we started our drive to Eilat, but because Jände forgot he´s credit-card at the to the hotel,
i had with Esko a little raptor watch and few Steppe Eagles were best in hour.
After raptor watch was the longest part of driving.. Dead Sea to Eilat is about 234km and in this country it´s long drive.

Ibex in our hotels yard. 

We drove straightly to Eilat and one of the few birds what we saw from the car was Desert Wheatear.
It was already afternoon when we arrived to Eilat and temperature had risen dramatically. +35 was hottest so far on our trip.
From main road we turned to little side road maybe 30km before Eilat and we try to saw some other Wheatears. Desert Larks were flying around and only Wheatear what we saw was good one, Hooded Wheatear.

Hooded Wheatear sitting. 

We checked quickly km20 pools and there was another Israeli Tick for me, White-winged Tern!
Common Waders was also there, including Black-Tailed Godwits, Red-necked Phalaropes and Kentish Plovers.
I had agreed a meeting with Roni in North Beach at 6pm and when we arrived, he was there with Dutch guy  Christian.
We talked about birds and other stuff and we saw some White-Eyed Gulls. Later Roni called me and told that we could come to ringing station next morning if we wanted. And we really wanted that!

White-winged from km20 pools.

I cant remember all problems with our car so that ended now. It´s already stupid to write these afterwards...


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