29. huhtikuuta 2012

Last full day in Eilat 22.4

We started at the beach. When i raised out from the car i heard familiar voice. Jonathan Meyrav was there with huge group of local birders. It was nice to meet him after long time. Sea was quite dead so after Jonathan and group left, we decided to check public side of ringing station.
When we arrived there, raptors had nice moving and hard wind make them fly very low. Also flock of 3 Golden Orioles flew over us.

Nice looking Honey Buzzard.

Golden Oriole.

After this we went to km19 pools and there was lots of birds. Few White-winged Terns, Whiskered Terns, Squakko Herons, Night Herons and about 300 Ruffs.
We drove road witch was backside of the pool and there we found badly injured female Marsh Harrier.
Bird had only one wing! I don´t know what has happened but it was in very bad shape.
Esko caught it and we thought that best option is that we give it to the ringing station.
Quickly we drove back tot the station and people was surprised when i showed Harried for them.
They took the bird and same time we were super lucky. Ringers had female Cyprus Warbler in bag and it was a lifer for me!! Super situation. We took some photos of Levant Sparrowhawk also.
Same time i agreed with the ringers that we will come the next morning to visit the station.

Whiskered Tern at the km19 pool.

Cyprus Warbler female.

Handsome Levant Sparrowhawk Male.
One was in flight also.

Soon we found our selves again at the km20 pools. Jonathan was there with he´s group but this time nothing super special there. Best birds were Collared Pratincole and Broad-billed Sandpipers.
At this part of our trip, we decided to take first afternoon when we don´t watch birds. I had at least 2h nap and next time when i woke up, we drove to the km19 pool where is famous Lichtestein´s Sandgrouse drinking spot.
We wait about an hour but birds never shoved up...
After this we had dinner and then back to bed.


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