2. toukokuuta 2021

Ring Ouzel From Viikki 1.5.2021

 Today I was spending time with my kids at home and because both of them are little bit sick we were staying inside. I went to corona-test with Julius two days ago and we got negative test result. Sanni was working and during the day I followed the alarms of the rare birds from my phone. Later afternoon I got message of Rin Ouzel from Viikki, the area where I used to live like moth ago. Sanni came back home and I left to twitch this beautiful northern species. 

I was lucky when I came to the site case there was a couple who showed the bird for me. I had only binoculars and camera with me, so I was really pleased that those people showed the bird for me with their telescope. I took some photos, but bird was staying in distance, until it took off and landed on a tree about 100m from the original place. 

Here are my records shots of the bird. 

Ring Ouzel. Female of 2cy male.

There is goes.


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